Preliminary assignment B - The personal case



A personal case describes a communication problem or a conflict in which you were personally involved, and for this course, which involves a cross-cultural element. The purpose is to help you learn how to become more effective by obtaining fresh insights into a situation. You can also choose a situation that you have to face in the future in order to help yourself prepare for it. In this sense, writing the case gives you an opportunity to “practice” handling a difficult situation.

Every participant is required to write a personal case for this course. The case will be analyzed in groups during the course in order to share the insights into such processes. The assignments are processed with the entire group during the course, so please share a personal case that you comfortable share in the learning group, but try to write the case in as open and reflective manner as you possibly can. Please bring the personal case with you to the Riga event for every learning session (in digital format or on paper).


Steps for writing a personal case:


1. Begin the description with a paragraph about the situation itself: the setting, the problem, the people involved, your role, events leading up to this incident, and any other important background information.

2. Next, write a few paragraphs about your intended strategy. What were your objectives, how did you plan to achieve them, and why did you select these goals and strategies?

3. Then, write a few pages of dialogue (what was actually said in the situation, or, if you choose to write about a future event, what you expect to be said).


Use the format described below:

Divide the page into two columns:



On this left hand side of the page, write                         On this right hand side of the page,

what was going on IN YOUR MIND                               write what each person, including

while each person in the dialogue                                  yourself, ACTUALLY SAID (or

(including yourself) is speaking.                                    what you expect will be said in a

                                                                                       future event).


4. Briefly describe the outcome of the case and your evaluation of your own performance and effectiveness.