Introductory Webinar


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- Testing and troubleshoot for the webinar participants 

- Welcoming words and introductions of the Finnish team (Helmi Järviluoma-Mäkelä, UEF)

- Presenting the aims and outline of the course (Tuomas Järvenpää, UEF)

- Introductions of the webinar participants 

(Oral presentation of the preliminary assignment A: Please introduce yourself in a free manner. Describe shortly your work duties and environment and the intercultural communication situations that you meet in your work. Describe also your expectation and personal aims for the course).    

- Instructions for the preliminary assignment B (Tuomas Järvenpää, UEF)

- Possible general questions on the preliminary assignment B, preliminary reading or the course contents in general



Is this your first webinar with Try a test session:
More detailed user instructions can be found in the user guide.

As we will be a lot of people attending we ask that everybody who is not speaking is muting their microphone. You can use the chat window to interact with other participants and to indicate that you would like to speak next.