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study lounge

Study Lounge at University of Eastern Finland (UEF)

Photo: Carmen Santamaría 



Dear course users,

We have prepared two brief reading activities for you to activate some interesting topics before you proceed to course materials. They are aimed at facilitating  informed discussion of interesting topics related to this course. The amount of time estimated for these reading activities is of 2-3 hours. The instructions for these reading activities are also included in the powerpoint presentations below. 

If you are taking part of the course in Joensuu, you  are expected to fill in the Reading self-assessment forms and have them uploaded on the platform before 27.11.2017, 14:00 CET. The reading activities will be discussed in greater detail during the Joensuu training. Answers and feedback, incorporating course participants' reflection are included in the "Readings Follow up" section.

If you are an online course user, you are invited to read these materials and fill in the Reading self-assessment forms as part of a rewarding, individual learning process. You could also share your learning with some colleagues and engage in discussion of ideas.


READING ACTIVITY 1: Logos and visual identities of academic institutions


Alessandri, Sue Westcott, Sung-Un Yang, and Dennis F Kinsey. “An Integrative Approach to University Visual Identity and Reputation.” Corporate Reputation Review 9, no. 4 (2006): 258–70. doi:10.1057/palgrave.crr.1550033.

For this reading activity we need your reading of the article for gist and more specific scan reading of pages   259-261, in order to find replies to these questions:

1. What are the arguments for the convenience of a multiplicity of identities of universities?

2. How can a university’ s reputation be defined?

3. How can a university’ s reputation  be formed?


READING ACTIVITY 2: Critical accounts on marketization of higher education


Furedi, Frank. “Introduction to the Marketisation of Higher Education and the Student as Consumer.” The Marketisation of Higher Education and the Student as Consumer, 2010, 1–8.

For this reading activity we need your reading of the article for gist and more specific scan reading of pages 1-6, in order to find replies to these questions:

1. What do advocates of marketisation argue as benefits derived from such marketisation?

2. What arguments could be taken against these arguments?

3. What is new and disturbing regarding competition among universities in the late 20th century?

4. What is, according to Furedi (2010: 2) the relationship between marketing and the promotion of widening participation?

5. Could you think of real situations in your daily activities that show that students are increasingly positioned as consumers and institutions working to improve the extent to which they meet ‘consumer demands’? 

6. Did you notice something quite unusual for a study lounge in the picture above? How do you think this study gym can meet students' demands? Do you have something like this at your institution?  Would you suggest having a study lounge gym at your institution? Why or why not?


In attachment you will find the following documents:

  1. Preliminary Readings (1).pptx - Instructions Reading 1
  2. Preliminary Readings (2).pptx - Instructions Reading 2
  3. Reading self-assessment forms.docx - to be uploaded on the platform before 27.11.2017, 14:00 for participants in Joensuu course
  4. LITERATURE SELECTION- A list of readings on university marketing, carefully selected and ordered according to topic

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