BEFORE ON-SITE TRAINING. Assignment B - Introducing your university



B.1. Slogans and promotion


Dear Participants,

Part of our first session in Joensuu will deal with the function of logos and our discussion will greatly benefit from a brief introduction to your university. Our recommendation is that you give some reflection to the questions below, create a word/pdf document, print it out and bring it with you to Joensuu for further discussion and group sharing.

Once we have met during our webinar, we will be ready to keep thinking about the following questions. They will be further discussed in Activity 1 during our physical training in Joensuu:

  1. Does your university use slogans?
  2. Which ones?
  3. How are they used? (Merchandising, leaflets, etc.)

Ask colleagues, students and/or teachers which could be a nice slogan for your university. Think whether it would be appropriate for a university T-shirt.

You can do a survey by informal consultation or open a contest for the purpose of finding out.

Now think of possible uses for this T-shirt (for teachers, host institution students, incomings and outgoings…, other?)

Think of possible benefits derived from the use of this slogan. They will be further discussed in our training.

In case you use existing logos, please mention this when you include them in your document.

In the following pictures you can see some slogans used by the University of Eastern Finland as illustration:

UEF slogan 1UEF slogan 2



B2. Places worth a visit near your university

As part of this online training, it will be important to think about some of the places that may add value to your university. Your university itself may have historical or artistic value. In this case, please mention, but in case it does not, it will be important that you consider some of the places within easy reach that can offer extra value to it for international visitors.

Please collect some leaflets of your university town and natural landscapes or places worth a visit within easy reach by public transportation and bring some to Joensuu. Using them as models, you are kindly requested to prepare a draft for a page to be included in a students’ guide including information on places to visit near your universities that could add extra value to them.

Please, bring your paper draft (a word/pdf document) to Joensuu for further discussion and group sharing. Alternatively, we will be using a computer projector to present some pictures of your universities and interesting places to visit near them.

We will also be uploading video links to our universities in a discussion in the discussion groups section. Could you please provide 1-2 links to some videos of your institutions? Thanks!!


ccCarmen Santamaría-García