ON-SITE LEARNING SESSION 3: Natural landscapes as resources for university promotion




Koli landscape collage


Koli National Park in June 2017 and December 2018

Photo: Carmen Santamaría


PARTICIPANTS: Kirsi Laurén, (UEF, Finland); Tuomas Järvenpää , (UEF, Finland); Carmen Santamaría (UAH, Spain)


In this module we will be exploring how natural landscapes can be used to promote our institutions. Koli National Park has been selected as a natural and cultural resource that has a lot to offer to international students.

You can watch a video on Koli here by Koju Film Company




As preparation for these activities, it is useful that you bring some leaflets of your university town and natural landscapes or places worth a visit in the surroundings as requested before you came in activity B2.



  1. Browse a students’ guide from your university and check if it includes information on places to visit nearby that could add extra value to the institution. Can you think of more places that are not included? Make a list of them with a brief description of the reasons why international students could feel interested in visiting them.
  2. Prepare a draft for a page to be included in a students’ guide of your institution including information on places to visit nearby and a brief description of the reasons why it could be interesting for international students to visit them.
  3. How could you promote these places as part of the attractiveness of your university? Is your institution in touch with the Tourist Information Office? Any other contacts of interest in the town council?
  4. How could you promote these places in relation to academic contents? Could you contact international coordinators as a link with academic programme design? Other possibilities to promote the importance of considering the attractiveness of natural resources? Think of the importance of concepts such as sustainability and consider how you could be part of an important process of encouraging your university promotion through the promotion of the sustainability of natural resources.



Next time you make a trip to a natural landscape think about what you have learnt and consider what could be offered as an incentive to incoming students.


ccCarmen Santamaría-García for session layout and the contents mentioning her.  Kirsi Laurén and Tuomas Järvenpää for the contents mentioning them.