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Please, find below our schedule for the training to take place in Joensuu 28-30 November 2017. This information is also included as a powerpoint presentation in this section for your convenience.

The presentation has been updated (07.12.2017) and includes a few pictures now. No close ups have been included but, please check if you agree with these pictures to be on the presentation and otherwise let me know.

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Tuesday, 28.10.2017

Welcome coffee (9:30-10:00) NATURA BUILDING, N114.

Opening of the workshop (10:00-10:05) Dean Prof. Markku Filppula. NATURA BUILDING, N114

Introduction (10:05-10:15) Prof. Dr. Carmen Santamaría (UAH) and Stefan Jahnke (EUF). NATURA BUILDING, N114

Practical Information (10:15-10:30) Stefan Jahnke (EUF) & Karin Koivisto (EUF). NATURA BUILDING, N114

Getting to know each other activities (10:30-10:55), NATURA BUILDING, N114

Transfer from Natura to Aurora building (10:55-11:00)

Lunch Aurora building, Aura Restaurant (11:00-12:00)


Learning session 1 – How can a university improve its branding? (12:00-16:00)

Please note 2 different locations:

(12:00-13:30) AURORA BUILDING; 

(14:00-16:00) NATURA BUILDING.

(1) Lectures: (12:00-13:30) AURORA BUILDING, SMART ROOMS AU207-208.

Resources and strategies for the promotion of universities

Matias Pitkänen, UEF, Maj Vuorre, UEF, Weronika Ćmielewska, U. Lodz, Carmen Santamaría, UAH

 (2) Group tasks on our university resources for promotion incorporating results from assignment B, readings and lectures, part 1(2), (13:30-14:00), SMART ROOMS AU207-208.

Transfer from Aurora to Natura 14:00-14:05

(3) Group tasks on our university resources for promotion, part 2, (2) (14:05-15:00)

Coffee break (15:00-15:30), Natura N111

(4) Debriefing the results of the group tasks above. (15:30-16:00), Natura N111


Learning session 2 –  How can we act upon the improvement of university promotion? (16:00 –17:00), Natura N111

 (1) Lecture: “Implementing strategies to improve the reputation of our universities through internationalisation: Institutional and interpersonal communication”. (Carmen Santamaría, UAH)

 (2) Lecture: “Students – the best marketing ambassadors” (Weronika Ćmielewska, U. Lodz)

 (3) Lecture: “How to collaborate with student organisations in the promotion of universities” (Virtual presentation prepared by Rasmus Aberg, ESN)

 (4) Debriefing the results of the session and preparation for social activity on Wednesday morning (16:30-17:00)

 Social activity: Sauna and Dinner at Villa Väinoniemi (Bus transfer University – Dinner – Hotels)


Wednesday, 29.10.2017

Learning session 3 – Natural landscapes as resources for promotion, Natura N114

Please note 3 different locations:

Natura N114

Trip and natural landscape at Koli

Natura N111


Facilitators: Carmen Santamaria, UAH, Tuomas Järvenpää, UEF, Kirsi Laurén, UEF.  

(1)  Lecture by Kirsi Laurén, UEF. (9:30-10:30) Natura N114


(2) Morning trip to Koli National Park + lunch, after Kirsi Laurén’s lecture

Details to be confirmed.


(3)  Debriefing tasks. (Facilitators: Carmen Santamaría, UAH and Tuomas Järvenpää, UEF). (15:00-16:00), N111


Thursday, 30.10.2017

Learning session 4 – Question time, self-evaluation & open discussion (10:00 –12:00) Natura N113


Participants are invited to make questions on topics related to the course.

Self-evaluation of the learning process and feedback from the course contents (Carmen Santamaria, UAH and Stefan Jahnke, EUF) (10:00–12:00)


Lunch (12:00-13:00)


Please see attachments with an introduction to the course, the on-site learning sessions outline and a course overview  of the  whole course in this learning platform.