Dear course participants,

We are very happy with your positive reactions to readings and therefore, we have included some follow up activities here. Presentations have been uploaded including replies to questions and some of your comments together with some collective feedback. 

We also encourage you to gain perspective while reading two other chapters of the same book, on the topic of marketization of higher education:


  • Chapleo, Chris. “Branding a University: Adding Real Value or Smoke and Mirrors.” The Marketisation of Higher Education and the Student as Consumer, 2011, 101–114.
  • Nielsen, Katherine. “‘This Place Is Not at All What I Had Expected’: Student Demand for Authentic Irish Experiences in Irish Studies Programmes.” The Marketisation of Higher Education and the Student as Consumer, 2010, 129–141.



1. Please use the reading self-assessment forms and fill them in with notes for these 2 chapters.

2. After reflection, see whether your reading of these chapters modifies some of the views discussed in preliminary readings 1 and 2. Why?

3. You can further discuss some of your ideas in a discussion forum with the name “More on reading activities”.

Thanks for your contributions and enjoy!!


If you are taking part in the course in Joensuu, these are suggested timelines:

BEST BEFORE 15.12.2017

DEADLINE 22.02.2017