Dear course participants and future users of this course,

In this folder you can find a list of all the course materials with the materials attached individually and also as a zip file for an easier download.

The file "Outline International Attractiveness" contains some planning tips for future users of the course. 

  1. Course Introduction International Attractiveness
  2. Course overview International Attractiveness
  3. Course outline International Attractiveness with planning tips
  4. Course programme and Joensuu survival guide
  5. Learning sessions 1, 2, 3, 4
  6. Reference list with reading material by topic
  7. Reading activities
  8. Reading slides with feedback
  9. Reading self assessment forms
  10. Video on student organisations' contribution to international attractiveness of universities here:
  11. Video on Koli National Park here:
  12. Video on Joensuu dtaff training course here:

Note 1:  Please remember that materials are licensed with CC BY 4.0, which allows the reuse and modification of the material but requires the attribution of the original creators