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Learning objectives

Dear participants,

This course has been designed with two learning objectives in mind, in relation to the main topic.

After the course, participants are expected to have gained insight to be able to:

(1) Identify resources and strategies to improve the branding and reputation of universities through internationalisation,

(2) Draft and implement strategies to improve the branding and reputation of their home universities through internationalisation.

Practical information

Dear participants,

Welcome to the Blended Erasmus+ Training on the international attractiveness of universities.

This training combines eLearning (virtual content) and a 3-day event (physical training) in the wonderful city of Joensuu, Finland, from Tuesday, 28/11/2017 to Thursday, 30.11.2017.

On this website you will find basic information about the staff training in Joensuu, as well as the virtual learning material that ia also an essential component of the course.

1. Joensuu training

Arrival date: Monday, 27.11.2017

Start date: Tuesday, 28.11.2017

End date: Thursday, 30.11.2017

Find more information on the main website of Joensuu training:

2. Virtual training


2.1 Before the training in Joensuu

Assignment A - Between Monday 16.10.2017 and Tuesday 24.10.2017, 14:00 CET - (Preparation of webinar)  

Webinar - Wednesday 25.10.2017, 13:00-15:00 CET 

Assignment B - Between Wednesday 25.10.2017 and Monday 27.11.2017, 14:00 CET - (Follow up task after the webinar) 

Preliminary readings - Between Wednesday 25.10.2017 and Monday 27.11.2017, 14:00 CET


2.2 After the training in Joensuu

Assignment C - From Thursday 30.11.2017  to  Friday, 22.12.2017 (Follow-up assignment after the Joensuu training)



You will find the course activities connected to Assignment A, B, C, the preliminary readings, as well as the webinar below.

Additionally, you will find a DISCUSSION GROUP called International attractiveness of universities, where you can ask questions and discuss activities that are part of the virtual training. You can find Assignment A in the discussion groups and another discussion topic with video links introducing our universities. We are uploading our personal introductions  and univerity videos there:)


Course activities

  1. Assignment A - Introduce yourself


    Hello and welcome to the BEST+ Training on the international attractiveness of universities,

    Assignment A - Introduce yourself!

    Dear participants,

    We would like to take this opportunity to get to know each other before our meeting in Joensuu. For this purpose, please go to the Discussion HERE and

  2. Preliminary readings


    Dear participants,

    We have prepared two brief reading activities for you, which will facilitate  informed discussion of interesting topics related to the course. The amount of time estimated for these reading activities is of 2-3 hours.

    The instructions for these reading activities are included in

  3. Assignment B - Introducing your university


    B.1. Slogans and promotion


    Dear Participants,

    Part of our first session in Joensuu will deal with the function of logos and our discussion will greatly benefit from a brief introduction to your university. Our recommendation is that you give some reflection to the questions below, create a word



    Dear participants,

    Please, find below our schedule for the training to take place in Joensuu 28-30 November 2017. This information is also included as a powerpoint presentation in this section for your convenience.

    The presentation has been updated (07.12.2017) and includes a few pictures now. No



    Dear course participants,

    We are very happy with your positive reactions to readings and therefore, we have included some follow up activities here. Presentations have been uploaded with replies to questions and some of your comments together with some collective feedback. We are also suggesting




    Dear course participants,

    After our experience in Joensuu we are ready to share the results of some follow up assignments or activities which will increase our awareness of the topics explored during the training. They are listed as assignments C1 and C2.



  7. Course material and resources


    Dear participants,

    Please, find attached the following documents here:

    1. Reference list with additional reading material - Reference list by topic.docx
    2. Video on student organisations' contribution to international attractiveness of universities. It is part of the course  BEST+ Joensuu event and can

Discussion groups

Course events